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Booking on the day OK! Tart with message 【Seasonal cuisine and beef grill steak commemorative day course】 3500 → 2800 yen

Booking on the day OK! Tart with message 【Seasonal cuisine and beef grill steak commemorative day course】 3500 → 2800 yen

By using a coupon2800 yen

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Coming to the store until the day 16 of the desired date

Celebrate with a hall tart with an anniversary course message with Angus beef roasted steak with bistro French and boasted ice cream roasted with bistro French and creative chefs created by famous shops in Tokyo and Osaka ★ + 1200 yen drinking at a drink All-you-can-eat 3 hours (30 minutes before LO) It will be 2 hours (LO 30 minutes ago) before gold, Saturday and public holidays.

Course menu

■ Young chicken pastrami salsa sauce

· It is a summer-like appetizer with salsa sauce with low-temperature cooked moist soft chicken pastrami

■ Stir-fried sardine with light red wine stewed with wasabi-flavored potato salad

· A true sardine with grease and a potato salad with wasabi are well matched

■ Potato Fly Hokuhoku

· Dip sauce made of Hokkaido potatoes with cheese

■ Spicy chicken

- It is a popular chicken becoming a new name of Giraffe.Of course domestically!

Caesar salad with colored vegetables

· Shakisaki lettuce and bacon's standard salad

■ Giraffe Beef Stew

· Beef stew made of soft braised beef stew is a dish of brag!

■ Fuji's lava rock stone grill Black Angus cow loin steak

· Fresh beef baked with Fuji's lava stone is baked crisply inside the crisp inside

■ Homemade bread 2 pieces (all you can eat)

· The meal baked every day is reputable as tasty delicious.Together with stew

■ White fish and blue and its paella

· Bistro's classic rice topped with seasonal white fish and blue shiso! Saffron and tomato's gorgeous scented rice

■ Specialty Mochi Mochi Annin Tofu

· It is a familiar chef with almond tofu in TV and magazines

■ Message Halt Tart

· Hal tart cake ~ ♪ accompanied with your favorite message ♪ ~

If there is no message cut it out.

Popular cheese fondue will be put on + 500 yen


Follow @ giraffe bistro on the Instagram Booking from the URL in the profile, add cheese fondue + 500 yen → 200 yen !!

* Cheese fondue can be changed to souffle cheese fondue

Since you can not change after coming to the store please be sure to change at the time of reservation

2018/06/12 update