Same day reservation OK! 【Cheese Fondue Anniversary Course】 3700 yen → 3000 yen

Same day reservation OK! 【Cheese Fondue Anniversary Course】 3700 yen → 3000 yen

3000 yen

Masterful chef of the French calendar 10 years make creative dishes and vegetables healthy with a focus on cooking, sum modern space moist and relaxing is all seats digging your stand, also private rooms of 4 people, 10 people, 25 people equipped!


■ fresh fish carpaccio

■ Fried potatoes ■

Caesar salad with colored vegetables

■ pickled chicken breaded fried tomato sauce

■ Chicken vegetables and bucket cheese fondue

■ Jellyfish special beef stew

■ Mino healthy pork grill balsamico sauce

■ Homemade bread 2 pieces

■ specialty glutinous rice cake almond jelly

■ Message Halt Tart

· Halt Tart Cake ~ accompanied by your favorite message ♪

· Memorial photo taken with everyone ♪

· One photo frame is presented with a reservation of 4 people or more.(1 group per group)

■ If you do not need a message of Hal tart, we will carve out each person and dishes one by one

■ Cheese fondue can be changed to souffle cheese fondue

Since you can not change after coming to the store please be sure to change at the time of reservation

★ + 100 yen at 1200 yen, 150 minutes at + 1700 yen for all you can drink!

Beer / wine / shochu / sake / whiskey / cocktail / soft drinks

Coupon that can be used

  • Celebration such as birthday, anniversary, etc. "Memorial day course" Various
    From 2800 yen

    • Presentation conditions
      When booking ※ Reservation required before 1 day.Present at seating
    • Conditions of use

      2 people ~ Available.Can not be used with other tickets ◆ Drink 100 minutes at + 1200 yen,! In reservation situation there may be a seat 2h

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of October 2017