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All you can drink 3h! 【Giraffe special red wine meat pot course】 5200 yen → 4500 yen

All you can drink 3h! 【Giraffe special red wine meat pot course】 5200 yen → 4500 yen

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All-you-can-drink available

Beer, cocktail, wine, highball, fruit wine, sake, shochu, soft drinks etc.

Reservation deadline
Until 16 o'clock on the day of visit to the store
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

It is a luxurious meatpot with plenty of beef that the skilled chef of French calendar year makes.It is a pot course recommended for meat lovers.All-your-seat table seat 4 people · 10 people · 16 individual rooms are fully equipped! All you can drink 3 hours (LO 30 minutes ago) 2 hours before gold, Saturday, national holiday (LO 30 It will be minutes ago).

Course menu

■ Young chicken's pastrami sauce sauce

· Low-temperature cooked moist soft chicken with Pastrami Yuzu with fragrant sauce

■ Foie gras purin

· It is an appetizer pudding using luxurious foie gras of the world's three greatest delicacies

Caesar salad with colored vegetables

· Shakisaki lettuce and bacon's standard salad!

■ Potato Fly Hokuhoku

· Hokkaido Potato Fly Using Potato Fly

■ Spicy chicken

- It is a popular chicken becoming a new name of Giraffe.Of course domestically!

Shrimp and mushroom with ahijyo bucket

· It's a dish boasted thoroughly! Pan advances

■ Plenty beef red wine meat pan

· Luxurious hot pot with plenty of beef! Warm pot in warm cold winter

■ Deep cheese risotto

· Tighten the pot with plenty of delicious cheese risotto

■ Specialty Mochi Mochi Annin Tofu

· It is a familiar chef with almond tofu in TV, magazines

You can change to message hole tart at +200 yen

Please feel free to contact us

All-you-can-drink menu

· Kirin's best squeezing heartland
· House wine red or white
· Shochu
· Potato, wheat, etc.
· The days of peace
· High ball etc.
· Campari · Cassis · Peach · Strawberry · Lychee
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea · Orange juice · Grapefruit juice · Ginger ale · cola
·non-alcoholic beer
· Plum wine, fruit wine
· Plum wine, peach sake, yuzu sake

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